A Pirate Story

Renato Pereira


A Pirate Story is a “dungeon” crawler card game in which you are a pirate fighting monsters and bosses, looting treasures, and completing missions. With one campaign, you have about 2-3 hours of gameplay.

The gameplay is very simple. You can move you card vertically or horizontally (left, right, up and down) by tapping in an adjacent card. Each card has a different effect on you and on other cards in the board. For example, some cards may heal you, and some card may hurt every other cards.

On the tech side, I had some difficulties during development. Most of them were because this is my first game in Unity and I’m still learning the engine. I rewrote the game after 3 months (approximately half of the development), because I decided that would be a lot better to model cards as prefabs and behaviors and effects as monobehaviors, instead of using scriptable objects for everything. The most correct decision I made!

Another difficulty was the tutorial, how do I create a hole in the overlay? Well, since I was only using rectangles as holes, I decided to use 4 panels that fill every corner of the overlay’s visible part. Unfortunately, I had to fix the aspect ratio of the camera, so the tutorial overlay could be shown properly. With this, I also had a problem with the UI not blocking the clicks on cards.

A pirate story development progression

You can play the game on android here: