LIAC Soccer

Renato Pereira


The LIAC Soccer project is an educational tool developed by me at the Connectionist Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIAC) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. The project was conceived as a soccer simulation for artificial intelligence classes, specifically for neural network and fuzzy systems courses.

The aim of LIAC Soccer is to offer students an interactive platform to test their algorithms in a soccer game environment. As such, it serves as a valuable teaching aid, allowing students to experience the practical implementation of AI concepts they learn in class.

The software is developed in Javascript with NodeJS and Node-Webkit, and it is open-source licensed under the MIT license. It serves as a remarkable testament to the potential of integrating AI and education, offering students a hands-on approach to learning about neural networks and fuzzy systems in a fun and engaging manner.

The project is available on GitHub: