LIAC Chess

Renato Pereira


Liac Chess is a project developed by me at the Connectionist Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIAC) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. The software is designed as a teaching tool for artificial intelligence classes, providing a graphical interface for chess games, including variants like the Pawn Battle. The goal of Liac Chess is to allow students to focus on learning and developing algorithms for class, rather than having to manage the game interface and rules.

The current features of the program include parameterized levels, themes, and other configurations, fully implemented chess pieces (Knights, Bishops, Rooks, Queens, and Pawns), implemented Battle Pawns configurations, the ability to allow networked players (useful for testing bots), the ability to allow human players (including computer vs human games), and test coverage for all game rules.

The project is available on GitHub: