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Designing a SHT Language

. As a professional and hobbyist programmer, I feel that to stay relevant within modern languages like Go and Rust, I needed a deeper understanding of programming language theory. My strategy? Design my own language, of course. A SHT language, which is a dynamic, procedural scripting language intended to be concise, expressive, and direct. If you're interested in exploring a tool that's less about utility and more about educational enjoyment, enjoy this SHT. (continue reading)

Hello, World!

. This is a functional test post, serving as an initial proof of concept for this blog. The post commences with the classic programming initiation phrase “Hello World”, followed by an extensive array of Lorem Ipsum text. From a technical perspective, the utilization of Lorem Ipsum facilitates an evaluation of typography, layout, and design elements without the distraction of meaningful content. Even this short resume is a test. (continue reading)